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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tagum City Musikahan
By:John Paul Quirante Castillo

The Music Capital of the South

Bustling and highly urbanized Tagum City is the capital of Davao Del Norte. It became popularly known as the Palm Tree City of the Philippines in 2006 and holds the record for having the tallest Christmas tree in the Philippines. Tagum City is also hailed as one of the fastest-growing cities in Mindanao.

TagumeƱos love life and celebrate the richness of Mindanao culture and the arts via festivals. Ever dynamic, Tagum City since 2007, annually hosts the Musikahan Sa Tagum under the leadership of its Mayor, the Honorable Rey T. Uy. The Musikahan festival showcases the musical talents of the Filipino, drawing thousands of visitors from neighboring cities, provinces and regions across the country.

Tagum City will be hosting three major events in 2010 - the National Communication Arts Summit, the National Schools Press Conference, and the Musikahan Festival, in its first national exposure in five years.

Come, experience the vibrance and harmony of Tagum City.

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